Can I sell the files generated by Transmutr Artist?

No, you need a Transmutr Studio license to be allowed to sell the files generated by Transmutr. Including but not limited to: *.skp files, *.vrmesh files and *.mesh.thea files. There are two exceptions in which case you are allowed to sell the files generated by Transmutr Artist: - The files are created as a commission, and you sell them to the commissioner only - You sell them through our upcoming marketplace Why, you ask? Because we feel it's fair that if you are a content creator for whom Transmutr is an actual production tool, you pay extra compared to a 3D artist who uses Transmutr just to add a few objects to a render, for example. Separating these two types of licenses allows us to offer an inexpensive Artist License.

Please note that the files generated by Transmutr are tagged with unique identifiers.

What versions of Render Engines does Transmutr support?

Transmutr creates files for:

  • V-Ray 3.60.03 and above

  • Thea 2.0 and above

  • Enscape 2.4 and above

On how many computers can I install my license?

  • An Artist license can be installed on two computers. For example, a laptop and a desktop workstation.

  • A Studio license can be any number of seats, either as node-locked or floating license. Contact us.

Where can I report bugs or request features?

For now, please do so in the Transmutr category on the Skatter forums : https://forums.getskatter.com/c/transmutr

SketchUp asks if I want to "fix" my file

This error can pop up when you import in SketchUp a file generated by Transmutr. It appears when you import a model with some weird geometry that SketchUp doesn’t like. We could trigger the "Fix" in Transmutr using the SketchUp API, but we decided not to, and let the user decide. Because sometimes, you might prefer not to fix it (it’s not a big deal) to avoid losing faces or things like that.

Transmutr's window is blank

Try to install these Windows packages:

I that doesn't work, try this: The Transmutr folder and all child files within should have administrative permission. This is achieved by going to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming. Right-click on the Transmutr folder, then Properties > Security > Advanced, assign Full Control to you and administrators, and make sure to tick the option box for "Replace all child objects…".

If the issue persists, please send an email to transmutr@lindale.io

SketchUp cannot connect to Transmutr

You can try several things:

  • Changing the Port in Extensions > Transmutr > Settings

  • Doing the instructions in the "Transmutr's window is blank" section above

  • Authorize SketchUp and Transmutr in your firewall

If the issue persists, please send an email to transmutr@lindale.io