Loading a file

Supported file formats

  • *.3ds

  • *.dae

  • *.fbx

  • *.obj

  • *.skp

  • *.stl

Drag & Drop or Browse

To load a file, simply drag-and-drop it into the Transmutr window, or click the Browse File button.

Transmutr will immediately load the file. The duration of this step varies depending on the complexity of your model: from a split second for simple models, up to several minutes for the most complex ones.

Quixel Megascans Bridge

You can import Megascans 3D assets from Quixel Bridge.

In Bridge, click on an asset's Export button, then choose Custom Export, and check Use Socket Port. Make sure to set the same port in Transmutr, so that both applications can talk to each other.

Then once you click EXPORT, Transmutr will open the asset and automatically set the right scale and all material parameters.

Edit a component from within SketchUp

You can edit an existing component or group directly from within SketchUp, for instance if you want to simplify its geometry.

Right-click on the component or group, then "Edit in Transmutr". Once you save it on disk, the component/group will be replaced with the saved .skp file.

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