Material settings

Many settings accept a map. Simply click the checkerboard icon on the right to select a bitmap file.


Type will determine how a material is converted to V-Ray, Thea and Enscape. Depending on the chosen material type, different settings are available.

  • Generic is a standard material, with the most common settings.

  • Metal will create a fully reflective material.

  • Translucent is well suited for foliage, paper, etc. In V-Ray, it will create a 2sided material. Doing this in V-Ray for SketchUp after import is quite a hassle, so Transmutr simplifies the whole process by doing it directly for you.

  • Emissive will create a material emitting light.

Transmutr will try to assign the right type based on the material's name. For example, if the name contains "leaf", the type will be Translucent.


VRMat is V-Ray specific. It allows you to link a .vrmat file whose content will define the V-Ray material. If Transmutr finds in the input file folder a .vrmat file matching the name of a material, this material will automatically use this *.vrmat file. Transmutr will look for inputFolder/materialName.vrmat and inputFolder/materialName/materialName.vrmat Note that due to limitations in V-Ray, the materials may not look exactly the same between applications.

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