I cannot activate my license due to a restrictive internet connection

If you are unable to activate your license due to restrictive network settings (eg. corporate environment), you might encounter a "Cannot connect to the internet" error. In that case, the Activate button will transform into an Activate Offline button, giving you access to offline activation.
Offline activation is a two-step process.
First, click the Activate Offline button to generate an offline activation request that is tied to your license key. At this point, there are two possibilities:
  • You manage several Transmutr licenses and we gave you access to a custom licensing dashboard: paste this request code to the "Offline Activation" section of this license's settings in the dashboard. This will generate an activation file.
  • You possess a single Transmutr license: send us this request code to [email protected], we will send you back an activation file as soon as possible.
Second, load the generated activation file in Transmutr. Your license should now be activated.
A similar process is available to deactivate your license: the Deactivate License button will transform into a Deactivate License (offline) if you encounter network issues. This button will generate a deactivation request. You can then send us this request to [email protected] or go through your custom licensing dashboard if available.
Using this deactivation request is mandatory or your license will still be considered in use.
Contrarily to the activation procedure, deactivation is effective immediately and there is no need to validate it in a second step with an activation file.