Map name variants
Depending on the content creator/provider, maps can have different names for the same intended function. Here are possible name variants for Transmutr's material maps:
    Diffuse: Diffuse, Albedo, Color
    Bump: Bump, Height*
    Normal: Normal, Tangent, Dot3
    Opacity: Opacity, Alpha, Clipping, Transparency*
    Reflection: Reflection, Reflectance, Specular
    Reflection Glossiness: Glossiness, Roughness (inverted), Gloss. Coming soon, for now only supported when importing from Quixel Bridge
    Refraction: Refraction, Transmittance, Transparency*
    Displacement: Displacement, Elevation, Height*
    Translucency: Translucency, Translucent
    Emissive: Emissive, Emitter, Self-Illumination
    Emissive Intensity: Intensity, Power, Luminance
*Some names can be used for different maps, unfortunately. It is the choice of the content creator. You should contact them if you have a doubt.
If you have a map that doesn't fit any description, send us an email and we'll do our best to help you: [email protected]
Last modified 11mo ago
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